Abnormal Psychology

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Biological Bases of Behavior 1 (3 credit hours)

PSB 3002 section # 12078

Fall 2016: Tuesday 2:00 – 4:50: P.M.

Jupiter Campus Room: EC102

Dr. Katherine Hughes

Office: WB 216

Office Hours: Thursday. 9:00 AM– 11:00AM; 12:30PM-1:00PM or by appointment. Email is the best way to reach me.

**The hour immediately before class is not available for office hours!**

Phone: 561 799 8616 E-Mail: hughes@fau.edu

TA: Nicholas Hoppock E-Mail: nhoppock2016@fau.edu
Prerequisites: PSY 1012 General Psychology.

Pre- or Co-requisite: PSY 3234 Experimental Design and Statistical Inference.

Students are encouraged to have taken general biology or anatomy and physiology prior to enrolling in this course. Students who have not taken either of these courses may have difficulty with the material presented in this course.

Required Text: Physiology of Behavior, (twelfth edition) by Neil Carlson, Pearson, 2016. ISBN: 9780134080918

Course Description: This course is intended to present the fundamental biological principles of psychobiology to psychology undergraduate students. It is required of psychology and psychobiology majors. This course will cover the concepts of cellular anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy of the central and peripheral nervous systems, the neurotransmitter systems, and the functional anatomy of the sensory and motor systems.

Course Objectives: Knowledge of neural histology and ultrastructure, neural

physiology, neuroanatomy of the central and peripheral nervous system, and basic

chemical neuroanatomy (neurotransmitter systems), and "systems integration", which

includes an analysis of sensory and motor systems should be attained. Students that complete this course should be prepared for other psychobiology courses at FAU, as well as the psychology/physiological psychology specialization of the GRE exam (for students intending to enter psychology graduate school).


Copies of the lecture notes will be posted in PowerPoint format in Canvas usually the night before class. Announcements for the class will also be posted in Canvas. Go to http://Canvas.fau.edu to access the Canvas login page.

FAU E-Mail Policy: When contacting students via e-mail, the University will use only the student's FAU e-mail address. This will ensure that e-mail messages from FAU administration and faculty can be sent to all students via a valid address. E-mail accounts are provided automatically for all students from the point of application to the University.

Grading: Three multiple choice exams will be given. The scores of these three exams will be averaged to compute your final grade. A zero will be assigned for missed exams. Make-up exams will be given only for justifiable reasons (e.g. illness, death, jury duty, etc.) with the appropriate documentation. Make-up exam format will be at the discretion of the professor.

An additional 2 points to be added onto your semester average may be earned by doing a classroom demonstration of one of the concepts listed on the syllabus during the relevant course lecture. I must be notified in advance of your planned demonstration and you must give it on date you indicated on the sign up sheet. You may work with one other individual currently enrolled in this course.

Grading Scale: 90-100% A 70-76% C

89% A- 69% C-

87-88% B+ 67-68% D+

80-86% B 60-66% D

79% B- 59% D-

77-78% C+ 58-0% F

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