Abnormal Psychology

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Cognition (3 credit hours)

EXP 3505 CRN 12321

Fall 2016 Thursday 2:00 – 4:50: P.M.

Jupiter Campus Room AD104

Dr. Katherine Hughes

Office: WB 216

Office Hours: Thursday. 9:00 AM– 11:00AM; 12:30PM-1:00PM or by appointment. Email is the best way to reach me.

The hour before class is not available for office hours!!!

Phone: 561 799 8616 E-Mail: hughes@fau.edu

TA: Ethan Vought E-mail: evought2016@fau.edu
Prerequisite: PSY 1012 General Psychology

Pre- or Co-requisite: PSY 3234 Experimental Design and Statistical Inference
Required Text: Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology, (3rd. edition) by Ronald Kellogg; Sage 2015 ISBN: 9781483347585

Course Description: This course will survey experimental and theoretical aspects of human learning and cognition. Topics will include how humans perceive the world, learn and process information, store information and solve problems.

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