Abnormal Psychology

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Individual Differences Approach: Abnormal Psychology

I. Individual Differences and Abnormality

  • A. Individual Differences Approach
    • 1. It involves the study of how we differ as individuals instead of making generalizations about people as a whole. This includes

I. Individual Differences and Abnormality

    • 3. Strengths of this approach
      • a. Looks at the uniqueness of us as individuals
      • b. By looking at differences we gain more insight into similarities. For example by looking at Abnormal we gain insight into what is normal.
    • 4. Weaknesses of this approach
      • a. May lack generalizability as looking at individuals rather than groups.
      • b. May be difficult for researchers to avoid ethnocentrism, that is to design tasks for other cultures that do not reflect the ethnic biases that the researcher brings to the task.

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