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Mooijman, M., Meindl, P., & Graham, J., (forthcoming). On self-control moralization. In A. Mele (Eds.), The philosophy and science of self-control.
Graham, J., Haidt, J., Motyl, M., Meindl, P., Iskiwitch, C., & Mooijman, M. (2017). Moral Foundations Theory: On the advantages of moral pluralism over moral monism. In J. Graham & K. Gray (Eds.), The atlas of moral psychology. NY: Guilford.
Mooijman, M. (June 16, 2016). On the determinants and consequences of leaders’ punishment goals: Power, distrust, and rule compliance (PhD thesis). Enschede: Ipskamp Drukkers B.V. Supervisor(s) and Co-supervisor(s): Van Dijk, W., Van Dijk, E., & Ellemers N.


2019, January Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business

2018, November IESE Business School, Spain

2018, November INSEAD, France

2018, November National University of Singapore Business School

2018, October Oklahoma State University, Spears School of Business

2018, October ESADE Business School

2018, September London Business School

2018, April University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

2017, October University of Illinois at Chicago

2016, March NYU, Stern School of Business

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