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Dissertations Chaired

Lixian Cui Respiratory sinus arrhythmia baseline and reactivity to interpersonal challenge: A dynamic systems approach (advisor/co-chair, HDFS, completed Summer 2013, Oklahoma State University).

Aesha John Correlates of secure base behavior for children with Autism in an Indian context: An exploratory study (chair, HDFS, completed Summer 2011, Oklahoma State University).

Benjamin Houltberg Family system qualities, parenting behaviors, exposure to violence, and emotion regulation in low income urban youth (co-chair with Carolyn Henry, completed Spring 2010, HDFS, Oklahoma State University).

Mumbe Kithakye Poverty, parental HIV/AIDS and child social and emotional adjustment in Kibera (chair, completed Summer 2009, HDFS, Oklahoma State University).
Sonya Myers (McNair Scholar) Contextual and dispositional influences on low income children’s school adjustment (chair, completed Spring 2007, Psychology, University of New Orleans).
Lara Robinson Relations between parenting, family context and emotion regulation in the development of psychopathology in young maltreated children (chair, completed, Summer 2006, University of New Orleans).
Andrew Terranova Coping with peer victimization in middle-childhood (chair, completed, Summer 2006, University of New Orleans).
Katie Aucoin The role of emotion regulation in predicting pathways to juvenile delinquency and aggression (chair, completed Summer, 2005, University of New Orleans).
Angela W. Keyes The enhanced effectiveness of parent education with an emotion socialization component (chair, completed Fall, 2004, University of New Orleans).

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