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Community Outreach & Engagement

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Community Outreach & Engagement:

State Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences, 25% appointment – support parenting and child development training and programming for Extension Educators.

Consultant for the national evaluation of Active Parenting, the First Five Years. (November, 2016 -).
Contributing author for Active Parenting, the First Five Years. Supplied materials on building executive function and mindfulness activities. Contributed to overall curriculum and advised on filming and product development. Edition released in spring of 2017 (March, 2016 -).
Coordinator of LIBR’s Neuroscience in the Schools and Community – program that provides talks and workshops on brain science and development for elementary school students, community members, and parents (April, 2016 - ).
Coordinator for the implementation of parenting programs for Tulsa Educare, Inc.: Super Parents 6 week program on positive parenting and mindfulness for parents of children attending Educare and its staff; Legacy for Children TM Centers for Disease Control community group program promoting positive parenting and social support for mothers of children birth to age three, Educare Beyond the Walls program (October, 2014 - ).

Supervisor for the training and piloting of Dr. Mary Dozier’s Attachment Bio-behavioral Catch-up (ABC) Intervention – 10 week home visiting program for parents of infants and toddlers in the community (October, 2014-May, 2017).

Research Fellow for the Infants, Toddlers, Twos, and Threes (IT3) program, Early Childhood Education Institute, University of Oklahoma (February, 2014- ).

Certified trainer of trainers for Active Parenting 4th edition, program for children ages 5 to 12, (December, 2014- ). Conduct trainings for extension educators, students, and community members.
Certified trainer of trainers for Active Parenting program for children ages 1 to 4, Parents 1,2,3,4! (December, 2013- ). Conduct trainings for extension educators, students, and community members.

Coordinator of the Infant Mental Health Working Group, charged with starting a state-wide Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (October, 2013- September, 2015).
Consultant for Educare sites in Tulsa on Family Engagement and Parent Education programs, Co-supervisor of the Tulsa Children’s Project (September, 2013- ).
Certified trainer of trainers for Active Parenting Now and Active Parenting of Teens, attended workshops in Atlanta, GA (July, 2012). Certified (January of 2013- ). Conduct trainings for extension educators, students, and community members.
Cooperative Extension summer funding to support Family and Consumer Science Educators’ training in parent education and child development (July, 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, August 2015).
Community Partner with Tulsa’s Central Junior High and High School. Coordinated mentoring and intervention projects, Power Swag (November, 2011 – May, 2012); consultant on socio-emotional development programs (September 2012-2014).

Center for Family Resilience, past committee chair (August, 2008 – May, 2009), Associate Director of Research (October, 2012 – August, 2013).

Supervised Padres Activos de Hoy, Parent Education classes in Tulsa and Stillwater, taught by students certified in Active Parenting, Spanish edition (Spring, 2012).
Community Partner with Tulsa Public Schools’ Gear-Up Program – program aimed at fostering resilience and promoting academic achievement among high risk adolescents attending Central, Rogers, McLain and Webster High Schools, with collaborators Drs. Valerie McGaha and Al Carlozzi from the OSU-Tulsa Counseling Department (March, 2010 – May, 2012).
Community Partner with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, TANF Education Services. Created Parent Education Curriculum and taught monthly parenting workshops for TANF parents, Tulsa OK (December, 2010 – December, 2011).

Research Team Member for Rise School of Stillwater, an intervention program for preschool students with disabilities and their peers, Stillwater, OK (November, 2006 – August, 2008).

Trained and oversaw implementation of Myrna Shure’s I Can Problem Solve critical thinking program for middle childhood, Boys and Girls Clubs of Tulsa (2007 – 2009).

Community Partner with Boys and Girls Clubs, Tulsa, OK (September, 2006 – September, 2009).

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