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Lifespan Development Research Methods

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Lifespan Development Research Methods

Parent Education Parenting

Social and Emotional Development Infant &Child Development

Developmental Assessment Lifespan Development

Parent-Child Relations Experimental Design and Research Methods

Teaching of Psychology Observation & Assessment

Cognitive Development General Psychology

Psychology Research and Practice Ethics Inferential Statistics

Peer Reviewed Publications:
* Author is/was a graduate/undergraduate student or post-doc under my supervision.

Morris, A. A. (Ed.) (in preparation). Adolescent brain development: Implications for understanding risk and resilience. Special section for the Journal of Research on Adolescence. Submissions currently under review.
Morris, A. S., Williamson, A. (Eds.) (in preparation). Building early social and emotional relationships in infants and toddlers: Integrating research and practice. Edited book under contract with Springer publishers, to be published in 2017.
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Lively, K., Babawale, O., Thompson, D. M., Morris, A. S., Sisson, S. B., Lora, K. R. (accepted). Mothers’ self-reported grocery shopping behaviors with their 2-to-7- year-old children: Relationship between feeding practices and mothers’ willingness to purchase child-request, nutrient-poor, marketed foods, and fruits and vegetables. Public Health Nutrition.

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*Treat, A.E., Morris, A.S., Williamson, A.C., Hays-Grudo, J., & Laurin, D. (2017). Adverse childhood

experiences, parenting, and child executive function. Early Child Development and Care, early release published online.

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