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Updated 07/2019
Amsterdam IES
Psychology and Sciences
Select Courses as follows (15 credits in total

3-5 VU courses (3-6 credits each)

1 optional IES course
Important Notes

Courses below may not be available each term. These courses have been offered in the past. The articulations below indicate the IU-Bloomington equivalent credit. Please check the Amsterdam IES website for most up-to-date course offerings. Undistributed level (OS 100) courses have not yet been evaluated by an IUB department. Courses with a DEPT
–OS 100 equivalent may count towards overall credits to graduate. However, students may submit the course materials to that department for evaluation towards a specific credit either before or after studying abroad. A course listed as OS, the academic department has evaluated the course. Be in touch with the academic department to determine how course may fulfill degree requirements. Some courses may carry prerequisites be sure to check the program’s site to determine eligibility. Students should inquire with about business credit.

VU does not offer every course each term. Students will need to review VU course offerings as provided by

IES to determine which course will be available in the particular term in which they wish to study abroad. During the fall, semester students select a VU minor and take the courses associated with the minor.

Symbol Key
1. #: GEN ED AH credit
2. %: GEN EDS H credit
: GEN ED NM credit
4. *: The department has reviewed the course and determined it does not carry more than OS.
5. + IU Title Special Topics in Foreign Study (upper-level elective credit in COLL)
6. ^ SPEA Topics courses must obtain advisor approval whether course will apply to specific SPEA major.
Check SPEA Approval List for currently approved courses. Students can earn up to two SPEA courses on an OVST study abroad program.
7. ! Must confirm with Biology department how course may fulfill degree requirements.
† Some courses have different equivalencies depending on what the student has previously taken. Only students who have taken the first equivalency will receive the second equivalency.

Updated 07/2019

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