Anna adele diederich

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Fellowships & Awards

2013 Distinguished Visiting Scholar, University of Technology Sydney

(UTS), Australia

2010 Member of AcademiaNet, Internetportal for Excellent Scientists, Robert Bosch Stiftung

2006 Journal of Mathematical Psychology Outstanding Paper Award for the Years 2003-2005

2000 Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University, (DFG; six months)

1998 Heisenberg Stipend (DFG; five years)

1997 New Investigator Award of the Society for Mathematical Psychology

1996 Visiting Scholar, Purdue University, (Benjamin Winer Memorial Fund; three months)

1995 Visiting Scholar, University of North, Carolina at Chapel Hill, (DAAD & NSF; three months)

1994 Habilitation Stipend (DFG; two years)

1993 Visiting Scholar, Purdue University, (Benjamin Winer Memorial Fund; three months)

1992 Postdoctoral Fellowship (DFG; two years)

1991 Dissertation Award Hamburg University (summa cum laude)


2010 – Associate Editor, Frontiers in Cognitive Science

2010Review Editor, Frontiers in Quantitative Psychology and


2010 – Review Editor, Frontiers in Cognition

2008Consulting Editor American Journal of Psychology

2008 – Editor Experimental Psychology

2007 – Book Review Editor for the Journal of Mathematical Psychology

2003 – Editorial Board  Journal of Mathematical Psychology

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