Application for Accreditation Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Limited (apac)

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Application for Accreditation

Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Limited (APAC)

[Name of Education Provider]


[Name of AOU]

wishes to apply to the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Limited for accreditation of the programs of education in psychology detailed on the attached application. I acknowledge that submission of this application form and payment of the application fee constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein.

Name of Head of AOU

Signature of Head


Name of Vice Chancellor

Signature of Vice Chancellor


Table of Contents

Terms and Conditions 2018 4

Overview 6

Attachment 1: Accreditation of the AOU 9

The Psychology AOU (Standard 2.1) 9

Multi-Campus Institutions (Standard 2.2) 10

Resources (Standard 2.5) 17

Teaching Materials and Methods: Managing the Learning Process (Standard 2.6) 19

Research Masters and Doctor of Philosophy 20

AOU Appendices 21

AOU Map 21

Staff Profiles 22

Test Library Holdings 23

Attachment 2: Accreditation of Undergraduate Courses 24

Undergraduate 3-Year Sequence Courses (Standards Section 3) 26

Undergraduate Fourth Year (Standard section 4) 32

Undergraduate Four Year Sequence (Standard Sections 3 and 4) 35

Undergraduate Appendices 42

Unit Profiles 42

Undergraduate Handbook 43

Fourth Year Handbook 44

Attachment 3: Accreditation of Postgraduate Courses 45

Master of (AQF Level 9 Master) of Professional Psychology (5th year) 47

Fifth and Sixth Year Masters Courses of Professional Education (and Masters / Doctor of Philosophy) (AQF Level 9 Masters (Extended) 60

Professional Doctorate (Fifth, Sixth and Seventh & eigth Years) (AQF Level 10) 76

Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Psychology (Area of Specialisation) 92

Postgraduate Appendices 96

Unit Profiles 96

Postgraduate Handbook 97

Postgraduate Research Manual 98

Applications for reaccreditation must be submitted to APAC prior to 31 March in the year of assessment. Late submission may incur a late fee. Please ensure the following have been completed:

  • You have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

  • Attachment 1: Accreditation of the AOU (if applicable. Please note that the AOU must be accredited before its courses can be accredited.)

  • Attachment 2: Accreditation of the Undergraduate Courses (if applicable)

  • Attachment 3: Accreditation of Postgraduate Courses (if applicable)

  • All additional appendices have been included. Where the response to a question is contained in an appendix, you must provide details of where the information has been included. Some templates are included for your reference.

  • The table of contents has been updated.

  • The cover page is signed and dated.

  • One hard copy of the application form has been sent. This copy should be printed double sided and enclosed in a lever arch folder.

  • Four copies on CD, or preferably memory sticks, of the application form have been sent plus one additional copy for each postgraduate specialization (ie Area of Practice Endorsement).

  • A draft site visit agenda has been included. A template can be downloaded from the APAC website, or found as an appendix to the APAC Rules and Standards.
  • Accommodation close to the institution for the assessment team has been recommended.

A note on the table of contents: while including information in this document, any text defined with the style “Heading 1”, “Heading 2” or “Heading 3” will appear in the table of contents if you right click on the table and select “Update Field” then “Update entire table”. If you want to include text in this table, but do not wish to use one of the predefined styles, select the text you wish to include, right click and select “Paragraph”, then select one of the options from “Outline level”. The outline level “Body text” will not appear in the table. Do not manually retype the table.

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