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Undergraduate Fourth Year (Standard section 4)

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Undergraduate Fourth Year (Standard section 4)

2.3.7: Course title:

Please outline:

  • 4.1: Course objectives and/or rationale.

  • Course requirements.

Entry requirements

  • 4.1.1: What are the entry requirements for fourth year?

Length of the Course

  • 4.1.2: Is the length of the course one year full-time or part-time equivalent?

course structure

4.1.3: Do students have the option to complete 100% psychology in 4th year?

Course content

Please detail the arrangements in place to ensure that:

  • 4.1: There is education in the theoretical and empirical bases underpinning the construction, implementation, and interpretation of some of the more widely used cognitive and personality assessments, and evidence-based approaches to psychological intervention.

  • 4.1.4: The accredited fourth year must provide students with advanced education and training in some of the core psychology graduate attributes (based on “Graduate Attributes of the Four-Year Undergraduate Psychology Program”, available from the APAC website).

Please complete the following table demonstrating the core research areas of the discipline in which advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge is offered:

Topic in year 4

(Graduate attribute 1, Standard 3.1.7)

Unit code/s and name of unit/s the topic appears in

Form/s of assessment

Abnormal psychology

Biological bases of behaviour

Cognition, information processing and language

Individual differences in capacity and behaviour, testing and assessment, and personality


Lifespan developmental psychology

Motivation and emotion


Social psychology

History and philosophy of psychology

Intercultural diversity and indigenous psychology

Please detail the arrangements in place to ensure that:

  • 4.1.5: The course offers some opportunity for coverage of applied topics and basic skills (e.g., interviewing skills, fundamentals of psychological testing).

  • 4.1.5: Applied material is based on the scientist-practitioner model and the basis for subsequent training is emphasised, rather than the mastery of professional skills.

  • 4.1.6: The content of the lectures, tutorials and laboratories is supported by relevant and up-to-date reference material.

  • 4.1.7: Any placement component consist of no more than 10% of the total fourth year credit points.

  • 4.1.7: Students on placement conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.

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