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Research Methods and Professional and Research Ethics

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Research Methods and Professional and Research Ethics

Please detail the arrangements in place to ensure that:

4.1.8: Students are given sufficient grounding in relevant research methods and in professional and research ethics prior to undertaking any research or supervised testing and assessment.

Research Project

  • 4.1.10: What is the final assessment weighting of the research project as a percentage and in credit points?

  • 4.1.11: Does the research project include:

    • an individual research question,

    • individual intensive empirical literature review,

    • individual data analysis,

    • individual reporting of results and discussion, but may involve shared data collection.

Do students participate in all steps involved in research? Including the following:

  • 4.1.12: Do the research questions being pursued address issues specifically relevant to the field of psychology?
  • 4.1.13: How are research project supervisors selected, and is at least one supervisor per thesis an AOU academic staff member?

  • 4.1.14: In what format are research projects presented?

  • 4.1.15: What is the length of the text of the report?

  • 4.1.15: Is data collected for the research project available for inspection?

4.1.16: Please make available de-identified copies of a range of marked assignments (including 4th year theses) for each assessment task in each unit within the program for inspection by APAC during the site visit.

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