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Undergraduate Appendices

Please include in this section all appendices relating to accreditation of the undergraduate (including 4th year) programs.

Unit Profiles

Code and name of unit:

Year level and semester (e.g., first, fourth):


Other staff teaching in the unit:

Length of unit (e.g. full year, one semester):

Format of unit (e.g. 1x1 hour lecture and 1x2 hour tutorial weekly):

Value of unit as a percentage of the year:

Any other special requirements of the unit (e.g. placements, additional computing time):

Synopsis of unit (Please provide a succinct description of the unit, stating the objectives of the unit):

Required reading/texts for the unit:

Assessment and requirements for the unit including percentage weighting for each assessment:

Information given to students at the start of the unit (please attach course outline/syllabi):

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