Application for Accreditation Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Limited (apac)

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Length of the Course

  • 5.3.3: Is the Masters course two years of full-time study or part-time equivalent?

  • If the course if offered in an accelerated mode is it at least 18 months in duration?

Course Structure

Please outline the course structure.

  • 5.3.5: Is at least 70% of the coursework comprised of study in psychology?

  • Is it taught by psychologists?

  • 5.3.6 and 5.3.7: What percentage of the course is components are:

Advisory/Liaison and Quality Review Committee

  • 5.1.4: Please complete the following table providing details of the formally constituted Advisory or Liaison Committee:

Advisory / Liaison Committee Membership.




How frequently does the advisory committee meet?

Note: The site visit team may request to see written evidence of activities aimed at auditing and improving the quality of the training offered (such as reports).


  • 5.1.5: Outline the facilities available to the School or Department for training students in interviewing, testing and assessment.
  • 5.1.6: Does the test library should hold a sufficient range of tests and sufficient copies in the area of specialisation for each course, where relevant, to meet the needs of that course?

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