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Credit for Previous Study/Experience

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Credit for Previous Study/Experience

  • 5.1.9 to 5.1.11: Please outline policies for granting credit or advance standing for previous studies.

Core capabilities and attributes

5.1.12: Please indicate the form of assessment for each core capability:


Knowledge of the Discipline

Overall knowledge of the discipline underpins all of the other capabilities and includes knowledge of psychological principles, professional ethics and standards, theories of individual and systemic functioning and change, dysfunctional behaviour, psychopathology, the cultural bases of behaviour and organisational systems.

Demonstrated capabilities: Strong knowledge of at least:

  • relevant psychological theories and models;

  • published empirical findings supporting theories (especially those which underpin the major forms of psychological intervention) and the methods employed to establish them;

  • the major methods of psychological investigation and techniques of measurement, and their application and interpretation; and

  • design and implementation of psychological interventions.

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