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Form of Assessment




Research and Evaluation

(Note: See also Standards 5.3.12 – 5.3.15 for 5th and 6th year professional Masters research thesis requirements, and Standards 5.4.6 – 5.4.11 for professional Doctoral thesis requirements. 5th year Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Psychology courses are not required to have a research thesis but must cover this capability by means of other assignments or coursework).

Systematic inquiry involving problem identification and the acquisition, organisation, and interpretation of information allowing critical analysis and disciplined, rigorous, careful and scientific inquiry into psychological phenomena.

Demonstrated capabilities: The application of research knowledge and skills to psychological practice, including:

  • finding, understanding, collating and critiquing published empirical research findings relevant to a phenomenon or problem of interest;

  • identifying and defining problem situations based on observation and other assessment;

  • generating hypotheses based problem definition and other information;
  • designing interventions, therapeutic programs or other means to test hypotheses including an understanding of the principles of single case designs;

  • designing and implementing program evaluation;

  • collecting, recording, and analysing responses to interventions or therapeutic programs;

  • use of qualitative and quantitative methods, skilled analysis of data, and the ability to draw accurate research inferences

  • critical evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions and programs including:

    • suggesting modifications for future use and

    • awareness of issues regarding reliability and validity of observations.

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