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  • 5.3.9: In addition to the core capabilities in Standard 5.1.12 outline where in the course the following are covered:

  • 5.3.10: Outline how the coursework component links with both the research and practical components of the course.

Log Book

  • 5.1.17: Outline log book content and procedure.

Please have available a selection of log books for inspection by APAC during the site visit.

Practical Placements

  • 5.3.21: Please complete the following table:

    Field Supervisors.


    Registration Status

    APS College Eligibility Status

  • 5.3.23: Are all field supervisors fully registered psychologists with at least two years relevant experience as a psychologist since registration?

Please make available copies of the following for inspection by APAC during the site visit:

  • 5.3.21: Curriculum vitae of all field supervisors.

  • 5.3.22: Reports and case notes written by the student bearing the signature of the responsible supervisor.

  • 5.3.27: Supervision contracts.

  • 5.3.28: Interim placement reviews.

  • 5.1.3: Are the members of staff responsible for practical placement supervision registered psychologists and does each member satisfy one of the following;

(a) currently holds membership of the appropriate APS College or

(b) has held membership of the relevant APS College in the past or

(c) currently holds an area of practice endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia or

(d) has held the appropriate category of specialist registration with the Psychologists Board of Western Australia in the past or

(e) has been assessed by the APS as eligible for membership of the appropriate APS College.

  • Please specify for each staff member responsible for practical placement supervision which of the above categories they satisfy:

  • 5.3.17: Please outline how education and training in practical professional skills and knowledge, including ethics, is provided in the course prior to the first placement.

    • Please outline the requirements and facilities available for training students in interviewing, testing and assessment prior to and during placements.

  • 5.3.18: How many total hours of placement are students required to complete?

  • 5.3.18 to 5.3.20: Please outline placement requirements of students.

  • 5.3.19: How are placements selected?

  • 5.3.23: How are supervisors selected?

  • 5.3.26: Is the member of staff who is the placement coordinator a registered psychologist and eligible for membership of the appropriate APS College or Area of Practice Endorsement?

  • 5.3.25: How is supervision organised?

  • 5.3.25: Do students on placement receive one hour of direct contact by their supervisor for every 7.5 hours of placement?

  • 5.3.25: How are placement and supervision hours calculated?

  • 5.3.27 to 5.3.29: What arrangements are in place to monitor and assess student progress during placements?

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