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Form of Assessment




Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

The capacity to convey, appraise and interpret information in both oral and written formats and to interact on a professional level with a wide range of client groups and other professionals, including:

  • the ability to establish and maintain constructive working relationships and in clinical settings therapeutic alliances with clients;

  • the ability to communicate, interact and liaise for a range of purposes (e.g., discussing research with other professionals; discussing relevant psychological services with clients, potential clients);

  • the ability to develop knowledge of theories and empirical data on professional relationships, such as:

    • interpersonal relationships;

    • power relationships;

    • therapeutic alliance;

    • interface with social psychology;

    • more specific knowledge of the fluctuations of the therapeutic/professional relationship as a function of intervention setting; and

Demonstrated capabilities:
  • high level oral communication and interpersonal skills in communicating effectively with clients, other psychologists, other professionals, the community; individuals, small groups and agencies from varied cultural, ethnic, religious, social and political backgrounds, including:

    • rapport building skills

    • professional personal presentation

    • clarity, accuracy, coherence, organisation and succinctness of communication

    • style of communication (appropriateness for audience)

    • organisation of communication

    • seeking out and understanding information

    • personal and professional boundaries in communications

  • seeking out, understanding and responding appropriately to information provided by a range of persons in order to adequately meet their needs;

  • excellent written communication, including the ability to write, in an organised fashion, reports and other documents:

    • which are informed, succinct, accurate, lucid and well-organised;

    • for a range of audiences, including educational, health and legal professionals, courts, government departments, insurance companies, corporations and other entities and which clearly communicate the intent of the writer taking into consideration the sensitivity of the matters under discussion and the capacity of the reader to accurately interpret the information

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