Application to the Psychology Major: Directions to Student

Section 2: Eligibility to declare a Psychology major

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Section 2: Eligibility to declare a Psychology major

In order to take classes at the 300- or 400- level in Psychology, you must complete your intermediate coursework in the major and some key general education courses. Specifically, you must:

  • Successfully complete all 200-level classes in the major (PSY 250, BSC 255, BSC 256)

  • Successfully complete relevant General Education courses (NSMT required courses [2], CM 212)

  • Successfully complete midprogram external assessment, AC 309

Your application can be approved while you are in your last required classes as an undeclared major. However, please note that failure to successfully complete the required classes will result in your being dropped from upper-level work.

Your job: Review your coursework. List below the semesters in which you successfully completed, or expect to complete, the following courses:

Course title

Semester completed

PSY 250, Abnormal Psychology

BSC 255, Behavioral Sciences Research Methods

BSC 256, Probability and Statistics

First NSMT course (write course number here: )

Second NSMT course (write course number here: )

CM 212, Integrated Communication Seminar 3

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