Application to the Psychology Major: Directions to Student

Section 3: The nature of the Psychology curriculum

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Section 3: The nature of the Psychology curriculum

Once you have declared your Psychology major, you will need to meet the following requirements in order to graduate. Please pay attention to the prerequisites, as these will affect your graduation date. You should plan on a minimum of three semesters between declaring a Psychology major and graduation.

For Psychology majors who entered Alverno prior to Fall 2014: You must take the following, or elect to switch to the curricular path described in the next section. Discuss which path is better for you with your advisor.

  • PSY 399 (Advanced Level Event)—should be taken the semester of your first 300-level course in the major

  • PSY 345 (Physiological Psychology)

  • One of the following: PSY 365 (Social Psychology), PSY 375 (Theories of Personality), or PSY 380 (Learning and Cognition)

  • PSY 350 (Experimental Psychology). It is recommended that you take another 300-level class before or concurrent with PSY 350.

  • PSY 383 and PSY 483 (Internships). These cannot be taken at the same time. PSY 483 is not offered in the summer. You must be in good standing and have completed two upper-level classes in Psychology to register for your first internship, and must remain in good standing to register for your second internship.

  • PSY 490 (Clinical Psychology) or PSY 492 (Applied Psychology Science), should be taken at the same time as PSY 483 (last internship)

  • PSY 491 (Senior Seminar in Psychology). Can be taken only after PSY 350 is successfully completed.

  • Four credits of 300- or 400-level psychology electives.

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