Application to the Psychology Major: Directions to Student

Section 4: Psychology and personal issues

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Section 4: Psychology and personal issues

Occasionally, people are drawn to the field of Psychology because of a desire for insight into a condition affecting them or their family members. While a student in Psychology can reasonably expect to learn about many adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, it is important that all students recognize that a classroom has a different purpose than a therapeutic setting. All students in Psychology classes should be aware that professional demeanor and appropriate levels of self-disclosure are expected. Moreover, although several of the faculty members are licensed clinicians, no faculty member can professionally counsel a student currently in her/his class. If you find yourself in difficulty, you may certainly approach any faculty member for referral to an appropriate setting.

Your job: Please briefly describe in the space below your understanding of why classes are not an effective or appropriate means of dealing with significant personal issues.

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