Application to the Psychology Major: Directions to Student

Section 5: Academic honesty

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Section 5: Academic honesty

Students at Alverno should already be aware of the importance of academic honesty, including the rules of authorship. However, at this time, the Psychology Department wishes to remind you that plagiarism is a serious offense. Penalties for plagiarism range from failing the class in question to being dismissed from the College. Plagiarism discovered after you have graduated may still result in serious penalties.

If you find yourself writing and having difficulty with the rules of citation and paraphrasing, seek help from your instructor, the Writing Center, or the Instructional Services Center. Before you submit an assignment, these problems can be fixed and you can learn how to avoid them in the future.

It is important that you realize that, as a Psychology major, it is your responsibility to learn and abide by these rules. Even if you do not mean to plagiarize, if you do, you will face serious consequences. No one wants that to happen to any student, so please take this matter very seriously. If you have questions about citations and paraphrasing, ask any faculty member before you turn in your assignment.

Your jobs: If you have not yet completed the authorship assessment in BSC 255, please do so at Attach the completion certificate to this application.

In the space below, please briefly explain why plagiarism is unacceptable, even if a person did not intend to cheat.

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