B. A, H. D. Ed, Dip. Gc, M. A

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Portmarnock Community School

Guidance & Counselling Service

Choosing your subjects for the senior cycle – Updated 2016
Guidance Counsellor: Mr. F. Farrell

B.A, H.D. ED, DIP. GC, M.A.


Choosing your Leaving Cert Subjects – Guidance Counsellor’s advice
Please read the following information carefully in the company of your son/daughter prior to choosing the optional subjects for the Leaving Cert cycle. Remember some third level courses have specific requirements in place i.e. whereby you must present one or sometimes two specific subjects such as Chemistry or Physics or a language in order to access that particular course at third level. An example of this is veterinary at UCD where a minimum of C3 in Chemistry is required to access this course in addition to very high points. Many other courses have specific subject/grade requirements for entry to a course. For example DCU require students wishing to study Journalism to obtain a minimum of a C3 in Higher level English in the LC in order to study this course. All information pertaining to minimum subject requirements and specific subject requirements can be found on www.qualifax.ie

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