Bulletin of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology

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Bulletin of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology

In Honor of Our Founding Members and A Focus on Our Future
Eugene JD Angelo, PhD, FAACP
I bring sincere hope fora wonderful New Year to all of you from the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, of which I am the current president. I would like to begin by briefly introducing myself. I am the Chief of Psychology and Co-Director of the Outpatient Psychiatry Service at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and have been board certified since 1988. I joined the Board in 2003. I know that we are quite fortunate to have a very talented and committed Board who are working tirelessly on your behalf on a number of projects. It is a true pleasure to work with them The current composition of the Board reflects anew era in the history of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. In December 2004, Dr. Howard Cohen completed his term as AACP president. His leadership, wisdom, and unbridled enthusiasm for our organization serve as both an inspiration and a high standard to which all of us should aspire. However,
Howard’s stepping down from the presidency also represents another important transition, since he is the last representative of the founding members of AACP to serve on the Board. It is to Drs. Ernst G. Beier, Mary Cerney, Howard M. Cohen, George G. Katz, Crystal Kelley, Martin I. Kenigsberg, Philip S. Pierce, Joseph G. Poirier, and Carl N. Zimet that we owe tremendous gratitude for their tireless efforts in the creation of this organization back in 1993. The founding members of the Academy were committed to the development and expansion of

AACP as a critical arm of the ABPP experience, serving as an association which represented advocacy, continuing education, and a source of camaraderie among board certified clinicians. They worked hard to make AACP a legitimate voice within the

ABPP community and in their efforts to expand the recognition of board certification for the public and profession at large. These psychologists were individuals of vision, of boundless energy, and uncompromising commitment. We thank them for their efforts, their energies, and for an Academy to which we can all be proud to claim membership. For those of us who are now members of the Board of Directors, we are inspired by the efforts of these founding members. We aspire to carry forth their good works and to expand their initiatives into new venues. The current initiatives of the Board fall into three categories, namely, expanding our educational efforts, increased collaboration in advocacy, and the enhancement of our communication with members. Educationally, the desire is to provide an increased array of continuing educational offerings. We plan to do so in a couple of ways. First, we anticipate hosting a number of regional continuing education meetings throughout the country, to spread the message about the importance of board certification to nonmembers, and to provide educational offerings that are of the highest quality. Second, we will be offering, fora nominal fee, continuing education credits for reading and
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