Cesa 10 Summer Institute

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Instructors Bio:

Robert Hull

Mr. Robert Hull, award winning career educator, special education administrator, professor and school psychologist, is an expert in implementing evidence based into practical easy to implement strategies that lead to desired outcomes.

Mr. Hull's hands-on assistance has helped and inspired thousands of educators who work in the most challenging schools in our nation. His 25 years of experience working with youth and teachers in inner city areas and in challenging rural settings has led to him being recognized by local school systems, state governments and state legislatures. He became known for taking on the biggest challenges in the most difficult school systems. As a school system and state level administrator he implemented reforms in the areas of disproportionality, implementing evidence based practices and educating traumatized children.
Mr. Hull graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a degree in Psychology and obtained graduate degrees in education, and public health from Arizona State University and John Hopkins School of Public Health. He has the rare combination of training that combines educational strategies with psychological principles and a public health approach of cost efficiency.
Robert currently divides his time between his assigned Early Childhood Program and speaking throughout the nation on the topic of Evidenced Based Interventions and Educating Traumatized Children.

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