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Robert Marino

Mr. Robert Marino is a Nationally Certified Psychologist with an advanced certificate in School Neuropsychology. He has been working as a school Psychologist for 30 years and has experience in the assessment and programming for children from infant through high school age.

Mr. Marino received his BA from Mansfield State (PA) with a major in Psychology/Human Relations. He went on to receive his MS in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Robert began his career as a school psychologist in rural Louisiana where for 2 years he focused on the assessment of children ages 0 through 5. He then began work on the Navajo reservation as a school psychologist for 7 years. Additional graduate work at the University of New Orleans and New Mexico State led to his national certification in school psychology in 1987. For the past 24 years, Robert has served as a staff psychologist for Prince George's County Public Schools conducting assessments, consulting with school staff and parents, and developing specialized programs for children with a broad range of identified needs. Mr. Marino served for 8 years as an interventionist and consultant for a team that traveled to Romania to conduct direct assessment and programming for children in state run orphanages. He currently divides his time between assessment and consultation with preschool programs and his role as school psychologist in an elementary school setting.

Robert recently completed a yearlong post-graduate program leading to certification by the American Board of School Neuropsychology. For the past 15 years Robert has participated in the mentor program for new psychologists and has supervised interns from graduate programs throughout the country.

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