Consumer Behavior: On-site Syllabus

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To view the complete list of the Carey Business School’s general learning goals and objectives, visit the Carey website.

Assignments & Rubrics

Graded assignments are listed in the table below, followed by a brief description of each course component.
Grading rubrics for all assignments are posted on Blackboard. Students should carefully review the grading criteria at the beginning of the term to understand how individual and group performance will be assessed for each assignment.


Learning Objectives

Weight (%)

Class Participation

1, 2


Case Exam

1, 2, 4


Individual Interpretive Assignments

1, 2, 3


Consumer Observation Mini-Project

  • Team Written Report (weighted 85%)

  • Team Presentation (weighted 15%)

2, 3, 4


Peer Evaluation

Will influence individual grades if warranted.



Attendance & Class Participation (10%)

Student performance is evaluated weekly based on attendance, active class participation, completion of field assignments, quizzes and contribution to weekly discussion topics. Regular attendance is the minimum requirement for successful completion of this course. While excessive absences will significantly impact a student’s learning, it will indeed have consequences for one’s final grade. In this course, “excused absences” are a misnomer and makeup work is never available.
The participation rubric can also be used by students to conduct a weekly self-assessment of their class participation. Additionally, participation points will be earned for completing weekly field assignments when applicable.

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