Consumer Behavior: On-site Syllabus

Individual Interpretive Assignments (25%)

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Individual Interpretive Assignments (25%)

Students will complete two independent exercises to explore actual consumer behavior practices and apply commonly used behavioral research tools to gather customer insights. Each assignment entails producing a 2-page, single-spaced written analysis that addresses questions about a specific consumer behavior activity.
Detailed guidelines and designated reading materials for each of the following assignments are posted on Blackboard.
Assignment 1

Nonverbal Communications Analysis – Students will assume an observer’s role as they examine two video-based marketing transactions that the instructor has selected to help them understand the influence of nonverbal communications in a (a) consumer and (b) B-2-B marketing exchange. Because buyer and seller exchanges are complex social interactions that are defined by a myriad of verbal and nonverbal clues and signals, students are asked to apply psychological concepts and theories to analyze and interpret such interactions.
Assignment 2

Consumer Decision Making Interview – Students will conduct a customer interview to explore the “lived” customer experience and to examine a consumer behavior phenomenon through a psychological lens. The in-depth interview should focus on a purchase decisions for any product/service. Students will gather and analyze the key behavioral research findings, apply theoretical concepts, ascribe meaning to the purchase experience, and discuss managerial insights. (1 page for decision-making process visual; 1 single-spaced page for interpretive analysis)

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