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Mini-Project Instructions

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Mini-Project Instructions

Teams will work on a consumer behavior research project starting in Week 1. The assignment will give students an opportunity to examine consumer behavior pertaining to a contemporary or emerging behavioral phenomenon. In drawing theoretical and practical implications from the study of a specific behavioral phenomenon, students will learn more about internal and external factors impacting consumer decision making, understand the complexity of marketplace behavior and explore how the art and science of consumer research is used to change customer behavior.

  • Week 3 Deadline: Team project topics must be finalized and approved by the instructor. Each team must submit a short written paper describing its original idea and preliminary interpretation of a consumer behavior phenomenon. The summary should include two very relevant references from established news sources or academic journals that provide actual evidence or theoretical knowledge of the consumer behavior research phenomenon. (1 single-spaced page maximum)

  • Week 4 Deadline: Teams must submit a summary of the research approach being used to conduct a field experiment. (2-page maximum)

Detailed instructions for each deliverable are posted on Blackboard.

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