Consumer psychology


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Shavitt et al. (2008) has described that consumer psychology is about studying human responses towards a particular product or service oriented information as well as experiences. Several responses remain relevant that includes emotional, cognitive (views as well as judgments), as well as behavioural (buying decisions as well as consumption-oriented practices) replies. Psychological theories denotes how consumer take decision of buying and how such relevant information is significant that marketer initiate to create stimuli (such as package labels, advertisements, coupons, displays of point-of-purchase etc.), word-of mouth communications from family and friends, consumer magazines. Any response towards information regarding a products may be impacted by three key psychological factors: a) person variables (such as prior attitudes, opinions and personality variables), b) situational variables (such as stimuli initiated by the marketer, product variables), as well as c) individual by situation interactions. Such goal of consumer psychologists remain describing, predicting, influencing, as well as explaining consumer responses towards product as well as service oriented information.

Loken (2008) has argued that consumer psychology is impacted by the culture, which is shapes consumer behaviour. However, despite understanding fundamental role of consumer psychology, comparatively limited research have been found in this topic, consumer behaviour as well as marketing has observed the interface of culture in consumer psychology as well as consumer behaviour. The existing theories in marketing that has combined research data in this regards except United States has been found very narrow. Many reasons are there that lacks investigation towards cultural aspect into psychology and consumer behaviour perspective. Such reasons starts from practical difficulties to an ethnocentric trust that such psychological values i.e. consumer emotion are world-wide. The main objective towards such special issue remains examining certain issues as well as provide certain guidelines in facilitating academic review in the cultural domain.

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