Consumer psychology


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Schumann et al. (2008) has stated that the area of consumer psychology started from as well as has sustained towards developing as per the scientific revision of human psychology. Such literatures have pointed a rather uneasy rigidity between logical study in the aspect of consumer psychology, as well as practical application of such understanding towards consumer behaviour domain. During 1950 there have been arguments among consumer psychology practitioners as well as academics functioning in the area of consumer psychology.
According to Bayus (2010) consumer psychology is applied in understanding consumer behaviour, as well as industrial buyer behaviour. Consumer behaviour is studied by the marketers from the time before marketing domain itself turned into academic subject. Such academic topic that led to marketing comprised economics (understanding supply and demand), sociology (group behaviour), psychology (study related to thought procedures). Presently, the fundamental theory of marketing remains associated with customer centrality which should not be ignored because customer decision-making process is involved. Knowing the associated factors to make those consumer decision making process remains vital the needs understanding consumer psychology. Knowledge of consumer psychology and subsequently consumer behaviour is highly beneficial to apply on brand attachment strategies by the marketers to promote their brands. Consumer engagement is essential towards brand attachment looks like essential towards constructing such expresses towards connection of the consumer with such brand.

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