Consumer psychology

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Finally it can be concluded that consumer psychology has impact on consumer behaviour. As currently, the core theory of marketing is associated with customer centrality, it should not be ignored because customer decision-making process is involved with it. Culture and society highly impact consumer behaviours. As consumers are led by social class, family, subculture, membership groups, personality, psychological factors etc., marketers are presently making effort to develop an understanding of consumer emotions and psychology that can help them to remember or choose their brands by using various stimuli. Consumer decision making process includes information, culture attitude, societal aspects etc. Knowledge of consumer psychology and consumer behaviour is highly advantageous to develop brand attachment and brand awareness strategies. Sometimes brand selection is dependent on interpersonal and socio-cultural viewpoint that provides a sense of community. Thus, understanding consumer sensory attributes are the next level research that academicians and marketers are interested so that such sensory attributes can be included in their brands or products.

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