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October 2014 (with Jozefien De Leersnyder), Andere cultuur, andere gevoelens. Omgaan met emoties in interculturele therapie (Different culture, different feelings. Dealing with emotions in intercultural therapy). Half day conference for Practitioners. Praxis P., Leuven

May 2015--Key note speaker, one-day conference on “Ethnic profiling: Equality under pressure?, Center for Policing and Security, Vilvoorde, Belgium

Ph.D. students and Achievements


2012 Kaat van Acker (Co-advisor)

2013 Michael Boiger (Advisor)

Harry and Pola Triandis Dissertation Award for best PhD thesis in 2013/2014 International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

FWO-postdoc (2014-2016)

2013 Loes Meeussen (Co-advisor)

Best paper award European Jourmal of Social Psychology

FWO-postdoc (2017-2019)

2014 Jozefien De Leersnyder (Advisor)

Best Poster Award at the “Amsterdam Symposium on the Social Nature of Emotions”, University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam (2013)

Best Poster Award at the “Inaugural Conference of the Society for Affective Sciences”. Bethesda, DC, US (2014)

Nominated for the 2015 Dissertation Award of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology (5 nominations)

Nominated for the 2015/2016 Harry and Pola Triandis Dissertation Award of the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology

FWO-postdoc (2015-2017)

2015 Ellen Delvaux

2016 Canan Coskan

Laura Celeste

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