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Edited Volumes or Issues

Barrett, L.F., Mesquita, B (Eds), (2017). Special Issue on Emotion. Current Opinion
Gobel, M., Benet-Martinez, V., Mesquita, B., & Uskul, A. (Eds.), (2017) Special Issue on Europe’s culture(s): Negotiating cultural meanings, values, and identities in the European context. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology.
Hermans, D., Rimé, B., & Mesquita, B. (Eds.) (2013). Changing emotions. London, UK: Psychology Press.
Mesquita, B., Barrett, L. F., & Smith, E. R. (Eds.) (2010). The Mind in Context. New York: Guilford.
Kuppens, P., Stouten, J., & Mesquita, B. (Guest Editors). Special Issue on individual differences in emotion components and dynamics. Cognition and Emotion.


Under Review
Jasini, A., De Leersnyder, J., Phaler, K., & Mesquita, B. (under review). Emotional acculturation in minority youth.
De Leersnyder, J., Kim, H., & Mesquita, B. (under review). My emotions belong here and there:

Extending the phenomenon of emotional acculturation to heritage cultural contexts.

Güngör, D., Coskan, C., De Leersnyder, J., Phalet, K., & Mesquita, B. (under review). Acculturation of self: Towards a conflicting or compatible patterns of autonomy and relatedness?

Kirchner, A., Boiger, B., Uchida, Y., Norasakkunkit, V., Verduyn, P., & Mesquita, B. (under review). Humiliated Fury is Not Universal: The Co-occurrence of Anger and Shame in the United States and Japan.


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