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CPF reviews

General principles:

  • All completed and future book reviews are posted in PDF form on the DCP / BPS website space

  • Books and apps will be reviewed on a regular basis and all will be posted on the website. Of these, 6 books or apps / digital media per year will be reviewed and published in CPF. These books are considered to be those that are likely to have a major impact and / or map onto the topic of special issues. The topics need to have relevance to the clinical psychology profession, but need not be solely clinical psychology specific.

  • Publishers will make books and apps available to reviewers and Tony Wainwright (books) and Joe Judge (apps) will actively liaise with them.

  • One page of CPF per month is kept for either reviews or apps (alternating between apps or other digital media and books).

  • For special issues the aim would be to have a review in that issue which is related to the theme of the special issue.

  • Each issue of CPF includes the link to the CPF reviews web pages.


  • Early identification where possible, of impending publication of key texts for the profession – six per year will be included in the print version.

  • Early identification of impending publication, where possible, of reviews that are relevant for the profession – six per year to be included in the print version.
  • The editorial group also commission reviews from individual with expertise in the field.

Advice for Book Reviewers:
Book reviews should be no more than 400 words in length. When the reviewer receives the book, the review must be back within the agreed timeframe to meet the relevant deadline. Reviews also need to conform to the style guide in terms of language and referencing http://tinyurl.com/zwgu29z
Submitted reviews must include the book details (Author, Publisher, Date, Number of pages) and the reviewer’s details (Name, Role, Contact details).

An archive of books that have been reviewed in the past can be found here

Directory: system -> files -> user-files -> Division%20of%20Clinical%20Psychology -> public
public -> Clinical Psychology Forum 280 April 2016
public -> The Appointment of Consultant Psychologists: Guidance on using National Assessors for the quality assurance of appointments and clinical governance of psychological practice
public -> Forensic clinical psychology
public -> Pre-Training/ Assistant Groups
user-files -> Dr Barbara McConnell Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Studies
user-files -> 'What are the key priorities for this post in the first 12 months? Please consider health psychology support for the training of psychologists and staff from other disciplines
user-files -> The Role of Social Justice and Diversity in Ethical Practice: Yes, No, or “It Depends?
public -> Leading psychological services
user-files -> Careers in Counselling Psychology

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