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Information Brief on First Year Subject Options

Junior Cert Subjects
Pupils take a total of
subjects for the Junior Cert Examination from the list below.

Core Junior Cert Subjects in CCC
All students take the following
Subjects: English, Irish, Maths, Science, Geography, History one of French, German, Spanish (and this has been decided at entry to CCC), CSPE
Optional Subjects
All students sample each of the optional subjects in rotation from September until the October Mid-Term Break. Students then take
subjects from the following list Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics, Art, Music, Business Studies, Home Economics, Music Information on all subjects can be obtained from :
All Students Study-
SPHE* (Social, Personal & Health Education, Religious Education, Physical Education
* denotes Non-Junior Cert Examination Subjects Every effort will be made to give pupils their first two choices but in some cases, a child may get a third or fourth choice subject. Where more than twenty-four students request a position in a practical class or thirty students in other classes, names will be drawn at random to fill that particular class.

Students are requested in consultation with their Parents/Guardians to complete the accompanying subject options form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the choices made within the optional subjects affect their ultimate course choice upon completion of the Leaving Cert
The choices facing students at the beginning of the Junior Cert Programme do not adversely affect their ultimate course choices upon completion of the Leaving Cert.
Can you pickup any optional subject in Fifth Year
In CCC it is possible to pickup any optional subject in Fifth Year with one exception. It is not possible, at present, to begin French, German or Spanish from scratch. Avery useful website for students and parents is
, click on student and click on subject choice.
Four Key Choices not related to Optional Subjects


Given the growing cultural diversity of Irish society, growing numbers of students enter the second level schools holding a certificate exempting them from the study of Irish, because they meet the requirements set out by the Department of Education and Skills. Other students are exempted because they have been advised to avoid studying the language for education reasons, based on a specific learning difficulty, identified by an educational psychologist. All other students are obliged to study Irish up to and including, the Leaving Certificate. At the end of the First Year, students opt to study Irish for the Junior Certificate at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation level. Those who do not study the language at Higher level and who do not secure a minimum of Grade C in their Leaving Certificate cannot study programmes leading to a career of Primary School teaching. Qualifax lists 23 courses at CAO level which require a successful grade in Higher Level Irish.

Some Courses Requiring Honours Irish

Early/Modern Irish
TCD Irish
Commerce/Modern Irish
UCD Irish Studies
UCC Primary Teaching St. Patrick’s, Drumcondra Primary Teaching Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Primary Teaching
Colaiste Mhuire, Marino Primary Teaching
Froebel College, Sion Hill Primary Teaching Church of Ireland College, Dublin
Galway – Mayo IT

Students who do not secure a minimum of a grade C in Higher Level Maths cannot secure a place in an Honours Bachelor Degree Programme in Engineering. Students are similarly precluded a number of mathematical, science and physics programmes. Qualifax identifies 71 Degree programmes which require Higher Level Maths as an entry requirement. Courses requiring Honours Maths include
Courses Requiring Honours Maths

Engineering at Honours Level Degree Computer Engineering Maths Computer Science at Degree Level Management Science Theoretical Physics Information & Communication Technology Computational Chemistry/Physics Actuarial & Financial Studies Economics & Finance Maths Science

Third Language

Students who opt not to study a third language could be seriously limiting their choices later on. By far the greatest numbers of course that preclude students from applying are those that require a continental or third language. Qualifax lists 156 such courses. The Colleges of the National University of Ireland (UCD, UCC, NUIM, and NUIG) and the constituent and associated colleges of the National University require a continental or third language for almost all of their courses with the exceptions of Engineering, Science and Nursing. For more details on NUI requirements visit

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