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Edited Volumes or Issues

Hermans, D., Rimé, B., & Mesquita, B. (Eds.). (In press) Changing emotions. Psychology Press.
Mesquita, B., Barrett, L. F., Smith, E.R. (Eds.) (2010). The Mind in Context. New York: Guilford.
Kuppens, P., Stouten, J., & Mesquita, B. (Guest Editors). Special Issue on individual differences in emotion components and dynamics, Cognition and Emotion


In press
Deleersnyder, J., Mesquita, B., Kim, H. (accepted). Emotional acculturation. In D. Hermans, B. Rime, & B. Mesquita (Eds.), Changing Emotions. Psychology Press.

Gendron, M, Mesquita, B, Barrett, L., (accepted). Emotion perception. Handbook for Cognitive Psychology. Oxford University Press.

Boiger, M., & Mesquita, B (accepted).The construction of emotion in interactions, relationships, and cultures. Emotion Review

Boiger, M., & Mesquita, B (accepted).Emotion science needs to focus on the social world. Emotion Review


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Marinetti, C., Mesquita, B., Yik. M., Gallagher, A., & Cragwall, C. (accepted). Threat Advantage: The Case of Cross-cultural Perception of Angry Faces. Cognition and Emotion.


Barrett, L., Mesquita, B, Gendron, M (2011). Context in facial perception. Current Directions in Psychology, 20, 286-289.

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