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Dr Grace Tarpey

Suite 25 44 Kings Park Rd West Perth Western Australia 6005


Mobile: 0439694192


  1. Ph.D. Monash University

Title: The Other of Subjectivity: For an Ethics-of-Love

The thesis draws from the fields of psychoanalysis and philosophy to discuss an idea of ethics based on desire and love. This idea is rooted in an understanding of the relationship between language and the unconscious otherness of human subjectivity together with an identification with the Other as an infinite metaphor for love.

1989 Masters. Monash University

Undertook a Master’s thesis on the subject of the relationship between psychoanalysis, ethics and language but upgraded to a Ph.D. the following year and the thesis topic was changed.

1987 B.A. Honours Degree (First Class) Monash University

Towards a Critical Theory of International Relations

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