Department of Behavioral Sciences

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Department of Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Komanduri S. Murty, Department Chair

138 Bond Building

478/825-6232, 6233

The Department of Behavioral Sciences is a diverse department housing three (3) disciplines that deal with human behavior. The programs are designed for career-oriented students with strong interests in the helping professions. The department is committed to producing students with focused knowledge of the essentials for addressing the psychosocial needs of individuals and groups. Students are provided a well-designed curriculum, a positive climate that encourages active learning, as well as service learning opportunities through field practicums, community development projects and departmental club activities. Graduates from the Behavioral Sciences programs are desirable candidates for entry-level employment at various human services/criminal justice programs and agencies; they are prepared to enter the next level of academic learning (i.e., the Masters or the J.D.).

The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers curricula leading to the following degrees: (1) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology, (2) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology, and (3) Social Work (B.S.W.). Courses offered by the department are designated PSYC, SOCI, and SOWK. The department of Behavioral Sciences also offers minors in: (1) Gerontology; (2) Sociology; and, (3) Social Work. Courses offered by the department are designated PSYC, SOCI, and SOWK, and GERO.

This program also is available fully online. The requirements are the same as they are for the traditional program. Internships and practica are supervised via virtual technologies for students who are unable to interact with campus evaluators face-to-face. This program also allows individualized attention and help to those who wish to become more technologically adept. In each course an on-line community is formed that allows peer-to-peer interaction as well as that with the instructor.
The Psychology program provides quality instruction in the discipline of psychology to prepare students to pursue careers in psychology and psychology- related fields, and to provide psychological services, when appropriate, to the University and community.

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