Dr. Tyrone Powers-ceo powers Consulting Group

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Dr. Tyrone Powers-CEO Powers Consulting Group

Dr. Tyrone Powers is a lifelong Baltimore City resident and the Director of the Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. He serves as administrator over numerous degree and certificate programs including, Homeland Security Management, Intelligence Analytics Certificate, a Maryland State Certified Police Entrance Level Training Academy, Social Justice, Forensic Studies, and Juvenile Justice. He is an expert consultant to several legal teams for criminal and civil law cases involving civil rights violations legal, social, and agency policies law enforcement use of force and police ethics, training, tactics and practices. Dr. Powers served as a Maryland State Trooper for four years and Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for ten years. During his Special Agent tenure, he worked in several areas/units to include the Violent Crime Task Force, White Collar Crime, Organized Crime, Fugitives, Foreign Counter-Intelligence and Counterterrorism. He is recognized as an expert on terrorism and intelligence and provides analysis to Criminal Justice and Homeland Security agencies internationally. As the result of the 911 attack and subsequent homeland security challenges, countless law enforcement and media agencies seek his analysis and prognosis of events that occur around the world. He provides consultation for congressional, religious, and world leaders. His lecture topics include Crime Reduction Penology Urban America, Crime and Law Enforcement Profiling


Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence; Police Training Organized Crime Leadership Police Practices and Training Diversity Sociology Criminology and Gang Intervention. He was a featured speaker at numerous professional conferences on police training, police-community relations, Racial Profiling, the Use of Force continuum, Terrorism-
Counterterrorism, Homeland Security Management, Vulnerability and Threat Assessments, Urban Crime Patterns, Rural Crime Patterns, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and other related matters. Among his many conference presentations, he has was the featured speaker at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Conference The World Future Society Annual Conference National Caucus of Black State Legislator’s Conference, and The National Black Police Association Annual Conference The National Black Police Officers – Northeast Region National Educational and Training Conference American Society of Criminology Annual Conference Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commissions.

Training Conference Newark, New Jersey Police Bronze Shields Annual Banquet, The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Conference and the Maryland Police Chief’s Annual and local Conferences. Dr. Powers was selected by the Court of the City of Philadelphia to conduct a policy analysis on the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Police Department because of a ruling in the case of
Guardian Civic League Inc, et. al. v. Philadelphia
Police Department

. He advised and consulted for numerous police administrators including Lt. Col. Stanford Franklin, former Director of the Police Training Division of the Baltimore City Police Department Former Chief Thomas Shanahan of the Anne Arundel County Police Department former Deputy Chief David

Shipley, Anne Arundel County Police Department Terry G. Hilliard, former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department and L. Louis Jordan, former Director City of Asbury, New Jersey Police Department, and former Sheriff George Johnson, Anne Arundel County. He was nominated by the Maryland Chiefs and Maryland Sheriffs Associations to serve on the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission established under HB1016. He served as Vice Chair of Baltimore City Mayor Katherine Pugh’s Transition Committee on Public Safety and Policing. He is Public Policy and Conflict Resolution Fellow via the Center for Dispute Resolution - University of Maryland Law School and the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office. Dr. Powers was appointed and prepared a court ordered Policy Analysis of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Police Department because of a Consent Decree in the case of
Guardian Civic League, Inc, et al v. Philadelphia Police Department.

The purpose of the policy analysis was to identify and evaluate inefficiencies in existing policies, or as a result of non- existing department policies, that eased, supported, or reinforced the multiple acts of employee race discrimination and other general personnel violations discovered in the case. (2012) He has testified as an expert in numerous cases involving police investigations, training, policies, traffic stops, use of force and investigatory practices and techniques. He has been certified as an expert on police practices, procedure, training, and use of force by the Federal District Court in Washington DC, Prince Georges County Circuit Court, and Circuit Court of Baltimore City. He was appointed by the Mayor of the City of Baltimore to a Volunteer Task Force to provide crime abatement recommendations. Dr. Powers is certified as an instructor by the Maryland Police Training Commission. He continues to teach Criminal Justice courses at Anne Arundel Community College and Coppin State University. His courses include Criminal Justice Ethics, Organized Crime, Terrorism, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice Research Methods, Police and the Community, Introduction to Homeland Security, Introduction to Criminal Justice, National Security Law, Police Operations and Police Administration. He too is an instructor at the certified Police Academy program that he directs at Anne Arundel Community College.

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