Draft Programme V10 Wednesday 3 July

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Draft Programme V10

Wednesday 3 July

Lecture Theatre 4

Classroom 5 – V Block

Classroom 6 – V Block

Classroom 8 – V Block


Registration with arrival tea & coffee – Campus reception and Student Union


Preconference Workshop 1

Teaching Qualitative Methods: Opportunities and Inspirations

Dr Leanne Freeman and fellow members of the Teaching Qualitative Psychology Group

Introduced by: Alison Torn
Preconference Workshop 2

Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology

Professor Peter Hegarty, University of Surrey

Introduced by Jenny Mercer
Preconference Workshop 3

Visual Methods

Professor Paula Reavey, London South Bank University


Lunch – Student Union


Welcome and Introduction


Chair: Joanna Brooks
2871 Oral presentation

From revision to transformation: Reflections on the impact of the peer review process across the qualitative/quantitative divide

Carla Willig, City University

Chair: Chris Howard
2740 Oral presentation

Research programmes in sport and exercise psychology: progressive or degenerating?

David Piggott, Leeds Beckett University

Chair: Gareth Treharne
2875 Oral presentation

Symmetrical and asymmetrical constructions of deals in sexually exploitative interactions with children

Sarah Seymour-Smith, Nottingham Trent University


2254 Oral presentation

Methods without foundation: ontological roots for qualitative research

Dai Jones, University of Gloucestershire

2746 Oral presentation

Using critical realism to understand and improve elite youth tennis players’ psychological development

Lea-Cathrin Dohme, Cardiff Metropolitan University

2812 Oral presentation

Beyond the Script: the lived experience of learning and change in complex families

Emma Maynard, University of Portsmouth


2160 Oral presentation

Can critical realism rescue psychology from the errors of positivism and postmodernism?

David Pilgrim, University of Southampton

2896 Oral presentation

Collective Emotions: A case study of South African pride, euphoria and unity in the context of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Gavin Sullivan, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University

2921 Oral presentation

I’m a person not a disorder.” A phenomenological analysis exploring how employees with bipolar stay well at work

Joseph Keenan, Manchester Metropolitan University


Refreshment break – Student Union


Methods Hour

Dr Sarah Riley and Christian Moller, Aberystwyth University

Methods Hour

Dr Sarah Riley and Christian Moller, Aberystwyth University

Methods Hour

Dr Sarah Riley and Christian Moller, Aberystwyth University


Chair: Alison Torn
2889 Oral presentation

Scientific management and qualitative organisational research – ever the train shall meet?

Joe MacDonagh, Technological University Dublin (Tallaght Campus)

Chair: Katy Day
2851 Oral presentation

Young people’s future work selves: Using drawings to talk about school to work transitions

Emma Parry, University of Sheffield

Chair: Sharon Cahill

2897 Oral presentation

Meaning-making on uncertainty, precarity and unemployment’s psychological consequences: the case of community and political leaders

Mariana Casanova, University of Porto


2870 Oral presentation

An exploration of beliefs and attitudes towards food allergy in adolescents with no history of food allergy

Kristina Newman, Aston University

2877 Oral presentation

Children’s view of life in northern Uganda

Grace Lapwoch

2856 Oral presentation

Mapping qualitative research in psychology across Central-Eastern European countries: Contemporary trends: a paradigm analysis

Dániel Kiss, Eotvos Lorand University


Introduced by Joanna Brooks
Keynote presentation – Lecture Theatre 4

Now you see me?…lived experience, multi-modality and the visual

Professor Paula Reavey, London South Bank University


Drinks reception in Student Union

Thursday 4 July

Lecture Theatre 4

Classroom 5 – V Block

Classroom 6 – V Block

Classroom 8 – V Block


Registration opens – Campus reception


Introduced by Paul Sullivan
Keynote presentation – Lecture Theatre 4

Retrieving humanism in the posthuman condition

Professor Svend Brinkmann, University of Aalborg


Doctoral Support session

View from the other side of the table’: what do examiners look for when examining a qualitative doctoral thesis?

Jenny Mercer, Cardiff Metropolitan University and a panel of experienced examiners

Chair: Joe McDonnagh
2887 Oral presentation

Allyship with marginalised groups through co-production of qualitative research

Brett Scholz, The Australian National University


2893 Oral presentation

A multimodal Foucauldian-inspired discursive Media Framing Analysis of the UK’s “employment and support allowance” welfare benefit

William Day, Aston University


2719 Oral presentation

How do Muslim men talk about their experiences of discrimination in the UK?

Paul Garden, City, University of London


2857 Oral presentation

Towards a more rigorous approach: The usefulness of open-ended questionnaires in sensitive research

Shahin Payam, Technical University of Munich

Chair: Donna Elliott
2838 Oral presentation

Dynamic sociocultural research: A ‘problem-posing’ approach to studying everyday inequalities

Octavia Calder-Dawe, Massey University


2791 Oral presentation

Just say hi: Forced migrants’ discursive constructions of neighbourhood relationships in South Wales

Samuel Parker, Cardiff University

2409 Oral presentation

Losing part of oneself’ – The ontological dimensions of bereavement

Alfred Bordado Sköld, Aalborg University


Introduced by Dave Pilgrim
Keynote presentation – Lecture Theatre 4

Resurrecting the Forgotten: The Intersection of History, Philosophy and Qualitative Methods

Dr Paul Sullivan, University of Bradford

13:20 – 13:50

Lunch and posters – Student Union
Qualitative Methods in Psychology Annual General Meeting – Classroom 5


Chair: Candice Whitaker
2898 Oral presentation

The ‘student journey’: From subservience to the sublime

Geoff Bunn, Manchester Metropolitan University

Chair: Richard Hassell
2847 Oral presentation

I care about them because they care about us.’ Expressions of empathy in a youth offenders’ custodial unit

Emily Tarrant, Leeds Trinity University/HMPPS

Chair: Sarah Riley
2866 Oral presentation

Mindfulness, neoliberalism and ‘technologies of the self’: A combined discursive and phenomenological approach

Aimee Hudson, University of Central Lancashire

Chair: Laura Kilby
2852 Oral presentation

A thematic analysis exploring psychosocial factors that affect offshore workers and families in the Nigerian oil and gas industry

Sylvia Ademu, Cardiff Metropolitan University


2849 Oral presentation

Sometimes healthy, sometimes not”: doctoral level students’ accounts of dealing with stress

Jenny Mercer, Cardiff Metropolitan University

2861 Oral presentation

Meaningful PPI: Involving forensic service users in the generation of codes and themes

Laura Hemming, University of Manchester

2771 Oral presentation

Innovation in participant-led qualitative analysis: Interpretive Clustering

Vivien Burr, University of Huddersfield

2853 Oral presentation

Epistemic effects of a psychiatric diagnosis on the person receiving it

Richard Hassall, University of Sheffield


2876 Oral presentation

Visualising support: using diagrammatic methods to explore postgraduate researchers’ experiences

Nigel King, University of Huddersfield

2945 Oral presentation

Advocacy in interprofessional community learning disability services where the person is absent

Cordet Smart, Plymouth University

2891 Oral presentation

I don’t think I’d ever want to be a 10’: How people make sense of a Subjective Wellbeing questionnaire

Emma Anderson, University of Brighton

2459 Oral presentation

Why aren’t you stopping now?!’ Exploring accounts of white women breastfeeding beyond six months in the East of England

Kristina Newman, Aston University


2262 Oral presentation

Do we really ‘give voice’? An exploration of researchers accounts of conductng socially sensitive research

Lisa Oakley, University of Chester

2761 Oral presentation

The management of stakeholder interests in a participatory design Facebook group: A discursive psychological study

Joanne Meredith, University of Wolverhampton

2941 Oral presentation

Becoming a depressed teacher from a Foucauldian perspective: The narrative construction of a disordered self

Graham Calvert, UCL Institute of Education


Refreshment break and posters – Student Union


Introduced by Alison Torn
Keynote presentation – Lecture Theatre 4

Archives, experiments and rhetoric:  Reflections on a secondary qualitative analysis of Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments

Dr Stephen Gibson, York St John University


History and Philosophy of Psychology Annual General Meeting – Classroom 5


Wine Reception & Conference Dinner – Cardiff Museum
Pre-Booking Required

Friday 5 July

Lecture Theatre 4

Classroom 5 – V Block

Classroom 6 – V Block

Classroom 8 – V Block


Registration – Campus reception


Chair: Astrid Coxon
2613 Oral presentation

Dynamic processes to a Person’s Narrative Change – Case Study: “SEMEL” program

Ronit Kuriel, Kibbutzim College of Education

Chair: Sarah Seymour-Smith
2894 Oral presentation

Wittgenstein's philosophy in psychology: Interpretations and applications in historical context

Gavin Sullivan, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University


2865 Oral presentation

I’m not gonna lie, I do indulge”: Managing subjectivity in negotiating boundaries of problematic drinking

Claire Melia, University of Keele

2844 Oral presentation

I do care about how I look, when I feel like I shouldn’t!”: A qualitative investigation of young men’s body image-related issues

Candice Whitaker, Leeds Beckett University

Chair: Cath Sullivan
2845 Oral presentation

Using Pictor to give young people with special educational needs and disabilities a voice in statutory care planning processes

Donna Barma, University of Huddersfield


2899 Oral presentation

The strategies people use to minimise their drinking when talking to others: An analysis of interview accounts

Brendan Gough, Leeds Beckett University

2946 Oral presentation

How men experience, understand and describe masculinity: A phenomenological psychological analysis and photovoice exploration

Deborah Earnshaw, Birmingham City University

2869 Oral presentation

We want your thoughts”: A discursive psychology analysis of mental-state rhetoric in talk radio

Laura Kilby, Sheffield Hallam University

Chair: Chris Howard
2330 Oral presentation

Demonstrating the contribution of qualitative research: example from a mixed-methods feasibility study in a healthcare setting

Jo Brooks, Manchester Centre for Health Psychology


2854 Oral presentation

Diago dreaming: subjectivity and freedom in emerging drinking cultures in urban India

Sagar Murdeshwar, Aberystwyth University

2763 Oral presentation

Emphasising the felt-sense in arts-based qualitative research: Supporting the training needs of therapeutic practitioners

India Amos, University of Salford

2902 Oral presentation

An in-depth exploration of the mis-bereavement of the racialized black male grief experience in the United States

Allen Lipscomb, California State University

2938 Oral presentation

Questioning in the centrality of epistemology in psychological research

Anastasios Gaitanidis, University of Roehampton


2860 Oral presentation

Men’s experience of anger

Aimilianos Sideris, City, University of London

2886 Oral presentation

A Foucauldian/Marxist discursive analysis of media representations of mental health in regard to claiming benefits

Becky Scott, University of Huddersfield

2859 Oral presentation

Exploring the suitability of the CASP tool for appraising study quality in qualitative evidence synthesis

Hannah Long, University of Manchester


Refreshment break – Student Union


Research Excellence Framework panel discussion

Jo Brooks, Manchester Centre for Health Psychology, Brendan Gough, Leeds Beckett University and Sarah Seymour-Smith, Nottingham Trent University


Lunch – Student Union


Introduced by Joanna Brooks
Keynote presentation – Lecture Theatre 4

Qualitative methods and critical psychology – Can we weather the superstorm of post truth and new positivism?

Dr Sarah Riley, Aberystwyth University


Official Conference Close – Lecture Theatre 4

Dr Leanne Freeman & Dr Jenny Mercer, QMiP Conference Chair & Dr Alison Torn, HPP Conference Chair


Grab & go refreshments and conference close – Student Union

Board Reference



2850 - The experience of receiving a mental health diagnosis

Dr Nicole Burchett, Mental Health Foundation


2874 - Tapering biologic therapy for people with rheumatoid arthritis: A focus group study of patient perspectives

Jack Chan, University of Otago


2942 - A grounded theory meta-synthesis to capture the collective patient journey in non-adherence to hormonal breast cancer treatment

Parastou Donyai, University of Reading

Presented by Othman Alomeir, University of Reading


2892 - Negative life experiences and ego-integrity in older age: a narrative analysis

Eva Dubovska, Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences


2864 - Growing a Healthy Older Population in Wales: participants’ perceptions of gardening

Clare Glennan, Cardiff Metropolitan University


2895 - Using a novel data collection method to inform interviews exploring the retirement transition experiences of eight amateur golfers

Thomas Hall, Royal Holloway, University of London


2429 - “I don’t have time for this” – A reflective piece on conducting interviews in a manufacturing environment

Franziska Homann, Cardiff Metropolitan University


2878 - Children’s Expression of Life in Post-conflict northern Uganda

Grace Lapwoch, N/A


2863 - The contribution of a walking group to the psychological and social wellbeing of older people: participant perspectives

Jenny Mercer, Cardiff Metropolitan University


2815 - Understanding contemporary perceptions of young adults of migrant families: Attitudes and behaviours towards relationships

Sara Razeghi, Birkbeck University of London


2872 - A qualitative study on intermarriage between Chinese women and Caucasian men using social constructivist grounded theory

Wenxia Shen, Chinese National Healthy Living Centre

Our conference programme is subject to change at any point before or during the conference itself. We are unable to accept responsibility for changes made which are outside of our control.

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