Educational planning (Don’t Take Anything You Don’t Need)

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(Don’t Take Anything You Don’t Need)

Part I: Introduction


Ed Planning is so important! This unit’s educational planning assignment will help you see what courses you’ll need to take for your academic goal and in what order to take them. Imagine how great it will be if you have that information. And, being clear about this can help motivate you to reach your goals!

You will be reading a series of mini-lectures, depending on your academic goal.


Ed Plan is complicated, and learning it online can be a challenge. So, DON’T BE A SKIMMER OR A SKIPPER with this unit! Give yourself plenty of time, complete your ed plan step-by-step by following along with the lectures, and you’ll be successful!

If you SKIM OR SKIP, chances are, you won’t do well.

What is “Higher Education?”

First, “Higher Education” means education after high school.

So, as an SMC student, you are in “higher education.”

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