Entry-Level Interviews: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

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Entry-Level Interviews: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

J.C. Stoner, Ph.D.

University of Texas at Arlington

Kyle McCracken

Texas A&M University

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to…

  • Employ qualitative research methods in their own work.
  • Evaluate their own interview question sets to determine if certain competency categories or over- or underrepresented in their interview process.
  • Articulate one strategy for strengthening their structured interview process.

Structured Interviews

  • Interviews predict future job performance (McDaniel, Whetzel, Schmidt, & Maurer, 1994).
  • Ask consistent questions (Campion, Palmer, & Campion, 1997).
  • Limit follow-up questions (Campion, Palmer, & Campion, 1997).
  • Ensure the quality of questions (Campion, Palmer, & Campion, 1997).

Purpose of this Study

  • To qualitatively understand what our region values in entry-level questions based on the questions we are asking candidates.
  • Create a question bank for the SWACUHO membership institutions to access and use.

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