Game Ideas for the Psychology Classroom 1 Heads Up

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Game Ideas for the Psychology Classroom

1) Heads Up. “Heads up” is a mobile game that appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and is sold by Warner Bros as a phone app. One player places their phone on their forehead and a word appears that other players can see. The others give clues until the player with the phone guesses the word correctly. This simple game can be modified for classroom use by using a mobile device delivery system (e.g. Learning Catalytics, gosoapbox, TopHat) in which the instructor can deliver psychology terms to teams of students. For a low technology alternative, psychology terms can be written on index cards, shuffled face down, and then drawn and placed against the forehead. In teams of 3 or 4, students take turns being the “guesser” and the “clue givers”. To intensify the game, ask students to time how long it takes to get through all the terms, and perhaps complete the game a second time trying to improve their response time. Or, teams can compete to see which group gets through the stack of terms first.

2) Draw it! The instructor provides teams of students with a stack of cards with key terms/course concepts. Alternatively, the instructor can use a classroom management software program and deliver the terms to students on their mobile devices. Similar to Pictionary, students see if they can get their teammates to guess the course concept correctly by drawing pictures. They may not use words or symbols in their drawing and may not talk or gesture while drawing.

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