Good practice guidelines on the use of psychological formulation

Health Professions Council (2009) criteria

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Health Professions Council (2009) criteria

Be able to develop psychological formulations using the outcomes of assessment, drawing on
theory, research and explanatory models.

Be able to use psychological formulations to plan appropriate interventions that take the client’s
perspective into account.

Be able to use psychological formulations with clients to facilitate their understanding of their

Be able to use psychological formulations to assist multi-professional communication and the
understanding of clients and their care.

Be able, on the basis of psychological formulation, to implement psychological therapy or other
interventions appropriate to the presenting problem and to the psychological and social
circumstances of the client.

Be able to decide how to assess, formulation and intervene psychologically from a range of
possible models and modes of intervention with clients and/or service systems.

Be able to use professional and research skills in work with clients based on a scientist-
practitioner and reflective-practitioner model that incorporates a cycle of assessment,
formulation, intervention and evaluation.
Appendix 2:

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