Good practice guidelines on the use of psychological formulation

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14. Summary and recommendations
15. Relevant BPS documents
Appendix 1: Checklist of good practice in the use of formulation
Appendix 2: Professional guidelines and criteria in relation to formulation
Appendix 3: Formulation and research

The following people have contributed to the guidelines:
Dr Lucy Johnstone (Lead author and chair of the Working Party)
Dr Stuart Whomsley (Coauthor and member of the Working Party)
Dr Samantha Cole (Coauthor and member of the Working Party)
Dr Nick Oliver (Coauthor and member of the Working Party)
Invited comments were received from:
Kamel Chahal (Chair, Faculty of Race & Culture)
Dr Stuart Gibson (Chair, Faculty for Sexual Health & HIV)
Dr John Hanna (Chair, Faculty for Psychosis and Complex Mental Health)
Dr Theresa Joyce (Chair, Faculty for Learning Disabilities)
Duncan Law (Chair, Faculty for Children & Young People)
Dr Margaret O’Rourke (Chair, Faculty of Forensic Clinical Psychology)
Dr Frank Ryan (Committee member, Faculty for Addictions)
Jane Street (Chair, Faculty for Holistic Psychology) Other expert commentators were:
Professor Mike Berger
Jan Bostock
Professor Mary Boyle
Isabel Clarke
Dr Sarah Corrie
Tricia Hagan
Dr David Harper
Professor Peter Kinderman

Professor David Lane Professor David Pilgrim Sue Staite Service user and carer commentators were
Iola Davies
Sheena Foster (DCP Service User & Carer Liaison Committee)
Pauline Heslop
Nick Redman

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