Guide to Academic Advising for Psychology Majors

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Guide to Academic Advising for Psychology Majors

Through Towson Online Services, you can access a webpage called “
Academic Requirements
.” This webpage shows the courses you have completed (which includes courses you are currently taking, and courses that you are registered to take in the future. It also explains which courses you still need in order to graduate.
guide explains how to access your Academic Requirements webpage. The
requirements to graduate are shown on this webpage. From top to bottom, they are
#1: Complete 32 Upper-Level Credits.
In order to graduate, you must complete 32 credits worth of upper-level courses. An upper-level course is any course that is level or higher. Most –
but not all
– of these 32 credits will come from the upper-level courses that you must take to complete your psychology major (see Section #5).
The student whose page is shown to the left has taken 9 credits of upper-level courses (which includes any classes they are currently taking. They still need to take 23 more credits of upper-level courses to graduate.

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