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Guide to the LAB

july 2017

Summary: 10 things you need to know before entering the LAB

  1. All technical information about the LAB can be found at

  2. On you will find the ‘labtool’. Here you can apply for ethical approval, organize lab bookings, recruitment of participants (see drop down screen on the left of the page under ‘lab’). On this page, you can log in as a researcher with your UvA netID.

  3. For all research, you require ethical approval. You cannot book a lab without an EC number.

  4. In order to book a lab, contact the lab coordinator in your group (list of lab coordinators can be found in Appendix D). Labs are divided between the research group and Technical support also manages some labs.

  5. You need to book the lab via the lab-agenda.

  6. There are strict rules and regulations for participants and researchers in the LAB (see Appendix E)

  7. When finished with data collection, anonymize your data and store it on one of the university servers

  8. Research Data Management (RDM): you can contact Marco Teunisse the labcoordinator. Also you can find more information about RDM on the website Psychology researchers should also look at

  9. Remove all your software, stimuli and data from the lab computer.
  10. All researchers applying for grants and planning to make use of the lab, please contact Marco Teunisse, for general information (e.g. if the equipment is present) or financial information.

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