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Rewarding participants:

  • Students can be rewarded with credits or money. External participants can only be rewarded with money. As a reward, the following standard rule applies for both Communication- and Psychology researchers:

    • In money:

      • Communication and Psychology online research: 1 hour = €7,50

      • Communication and Psychology lab research: 1 hour = €10

NB The financial compensation is on a pro rata basis (e.g. in the case of lab research half an hour = (€10/2) €5).

    • In credits:

      • Communication Science :

        • Online Research that takes less than 1 hour = 0,5 Credit

        • Online Research that takes more than 1 hour = 1,0 Credit

        • Research at the lab (or possibly another location) that takes less than 1 hour = 2 credits

        • Research at the lab (or possibly another location) that takes more than 1 hour = 4 credits (or possible more, depending on how intense the participation is for the student. This should be discussed with Subjectpool coordinator, see below)

      • Psychology:

        • Online research 1 hour = 0,75 credits

        • Research at the lab 1 hour = 1 credit

You need permission to change the reward, but only in specific circumstances. For example, the reward may be increased when participants have to experience (physical) nuisance. This decision can only be taken by the Subjectpool coordinator (available at the LAB desk, LS.17 or via mail).

  • The minimal monetary for lab research reward is:

    • 15 minutes of participation time €2,50.

    • 30 minutes participants receive €5,00 and so on.

    • The minimum amount is €2,50 even when the duration of the study is less than 15 minutes.

  • Rewards can be in cash. On Wednesdays you can come to room LS.15 (Lab-building) where an employee of the administrative centre can give you cash money as an advanced payment. You need a wbs-number for this advanced payment.

  • When the total amount is higher than €22.50, cash is not allowed and you should use a special form available at Read Appendix G for a detailed explanation.

  • No copy of the ID is needed anymore. For amounts lower than €22,50 researchers also can fill in an excel sheet (available at the secretaries’ offices of the departments). Only secretary offices are allowed to send these excel sheets to the Administrative Centre.

Performance-dependent rewards:

Sometimes the reward can vary, for example because it depends on the performance of a participant in a game. This should be mentioned to the Ethical Committee. It is required, however, that you contact the participant coordinator before the study. In principle, the following rules apply:

    • Misleading is not allowed, that is, the reward that was agreed upon beforehand needs to be paid.

    • After data collection has been completed, it should be clear how the reward was calculated.

    • Rewards may never be negative, so it is not possible that the participant has to pay anything.

    • Rewards cannot be higher than the maximum amount that is normally awarded to participants (EUR 10,00 per hour).

    • The reward may not be used as a promotion tool to attract participants.

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