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A researcher can choose for the lottery option as a reward. In this way, not all participants receive money, but all participants have an equal chance to win an amount that is significantly higher than the standard reward. The following rules apply:

  • The maximum amount is: number of participants multiplied by EURO 1,00

  • The maximum amount per participant is: ‘Research duration in tenth of an hour’ multiplied by ‘the maximum amounts that can be spend’.

  • For example: If you have 50 participants, then the maximum amount is €50,00. If the study has a duration of 15 minutes, then you can award €12,50 a participant, since 0.25 x €50,00 = €12,50 (0.25 is a quarter of an hour). €50,00 / €12,50 = 4, so this €12,50 award can be given to 4 participants.

  • It is not allowed to use Participation Credits in a lottery.

  • There is also the possibility to use a prize in a lottery, like tickets to the cinema. The maximum value of the prize (or prizes) should not be more than the maximum amount of money as calculated using the procedure described in point 2.

No-show of participants

If participants signed up for a study, but do not show up and have not informed you in time (that is, not before one hour in advance to the time slot agreed upon via the website), then the number of Research Credits that he or she would obtain is subtracted from his or her amount of Research Credits. If a monetary award was agreed upon these “no shows” receive a warning email of the DPMS- and participant coordinator. People who participate only for monetary rewards and do not show up two times and do not timely inform the experimenter, will be removed from the participant pool. If individuals participating for Research Credits do not show up two times without giving notice, the Subjectpool coordinator needs to be informed. Researchers are required to inform the subjectpool coordinator in case of no-shows without timely cancellation. This can be done in the LabTool as: “Not attended without valid cancellation”. An effective subject pool with motivated subjects can only be maintained by providing this information.

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